10 Relationship Tips For Neurotypicals Who Love An Autistic

9. Be Prepared for Honest Answers to Your Questions

Photo: Adobe Stock/Monkey Business
Photo: Adobe Stock/Monkey Business

The infamous, loaded question, “Do I look fat?” is difficult enough for neurotypical partners to answer. But if you ask an autistic person this question, realize that you’re probably going to get the truth—whether you like it or not!

Many autistic people tend to be bluntly honest and will end up confused when you get upset with them. For them, neurotypical values on honesty are baffling: non-autistics say they value the truth, but they actually seem to prefer being lied to in some cases? What’s the deal with that?! How are you supposed to know when they want the truth and when they want a white lie? For socially acute neurotypicals, the answer to that question is intuitive, but for an autistic person? Not so much.

So if you truly want an honest answer to a question, ask away! But if you don’t really want to know what the answer is, in case it turns out to be something you might not like, it’s best to say nothing.

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