This Girl on the Spectrum Has Some Serious Singing Skills…You Won’t Want to Miss It!

Anna Kennedy Online is a non-profit in the UK that aims to promote autism awareness. Founder Anna Kennedy partnered with the Pineapple Performing Arts School again for another year in a row to showcase the talents of people on the spectrum with the event Autism’s Got Talent. And the kids outdid themselves.

Per Anna’s website: “It is all too often said that people with disabilities aren’t capable of very much, and they are unable to rise about the challenges that they are faced. Autism’s Got Talent is a platform for talented individuals with autism to wow the audience and show off their skills and talents. We not only have soloists, but people also perform in groups, which is something many people are quick to judge as impossible for those on the spectrum. Not only are these talented, amazing individuals proving their critics wrong, they are also having fun and achieving so much!”

One such talented person at the event was Emma Lowry. This girl has got some serious singing skills that you’re not going to want to miss.

Take a look as she sings “Clown” by Emeli Sande in this clip!

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