Singer-Songwriter Has Beautiful Message for People with Autism in Her Song “Yes I Can”

“Yes I Can” is an inspirational song that was written and performed by Amber, a Canadian singer/songwriter. She wanted to send a positive message about carrying on even during our lowest moments. It’s a song that will resonate with caregivers as well as those on the spectrum.

The kids in the video are all from a grassroots organization called Project Autism. Amber wanted to send a message that, “together we can make a difference in every person’s life if we just accept that all we need is love, support and acceptance.”

A sampling of the lyrics:

We all fall down low
Sometimes we don’t know
How we will carry on
But we carry on

Some days it feels like no one understands
Many people criticize, point blame, and reprimand
All these worries that plague our minds —
Wouldn’t you give anything to leave them all behind?

Watch the music video to hear this beautiful song! (You can buy the song here.)

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