Adults On The Spectrum Share Funny Stories That Remind Them, “Yep, I’m An Aspie!”

We all have embarrassing stories that make us cringe at the time but later make us laugh. We also have stories where we just… immediately laugh at ourselves.

Everyone trips up now and then, right? May as well share the humor.

Reddit User niceloner10463484 wanted to know what embarrassing stories other adult aspies had that reminded them, “Yep, I’m an Aspie!” And the responses are great.

Read on!

[Editor’s note: Some responses have been edited for language and/or grammar.]

10. Accidentally making jokes that are actually… insulting

“My dad’s 50th – my uncle brought his girlfriend to meet the family for the first time. I thought my dad had knocked a drink over, so I sarcastically said, ‘Well done, dickhead,’ in jest. Turns out it was my uncle’s SO who knocked the drink over, however. Whoops.”

– Reddit User georgisaur97

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/ajr_images
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/ajr_images

9. Struggles with executive function

“Executive function – I wanted to sort dinner for my girlfriend so I got a Fray Bentos pie, they come in a metal tin thing. I couldn’t get the can opener to work so I used my Dremel on it, it took about half an hour with sparks flying off the whole time, hitting me in the stomach and burning me. My girlfriend came back when I was nearly done and I showed her the burn marks on my skin and she said ‘Why didn’t you just put a top on?'”

– Reddit User magicbluemonkeydog

Photo Credit: Flickr/George Redgrave
Photo Credit: Flickr/George Redgrave

8. Talking about the merits of the abacus for 10 minutes

“I was just in a meeting where someone mentioned as a joke that we should use an abacus for the accounting.

“Fast forward to me talking about the merits of the abacus for 10 minutes until I realized no one else wanted to know about an abacus.”

– Reddit User mschopchop

Photo Credit: Flickr/Anssi Koskinen
Photo Credit: Flickr/Anssi Koskinen

7. I’m such a sperg

“There have been many, some super embarrassing and others just “I’m such a sperg, lol.”

“One example was last year, at a Christmas party with extended family. There were around 15 people present, which is a few more than in previous years. Everyone was standing in the kitchen, and there were something like four or five conversations happening at once. I don’t get sensory overload very often, but here, having so much talking in such a small space made for acoustic hell. At one point I told one of my aunts, ‘You’re really loud,’ in response to something she said (because I was in sensory overload, and she was indeed loud on top of everything else). Later my mom pulled me aside and told me that I had upset my aunt by saying this, and I had absolutely no idea.”

– Reddit User MehBerd

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/contrastwerkstatt
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/contrastwerkstatt

6. Not getting a joke

“I was at a house party, and someone was sitting on the cooler with beer in it, and I said, ‘Can you move for me? I’d like to get a beer.’ She said ‘No,’ and I looked defeated and started to move to the fridge. Then she said, ‘Take it easy, it was a joke.'”

– Reddit User mrdiron

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/luengo_ua
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock/luengo_ua

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