These Yarn Crafts Are Loads of Fun AND Can Build Vital Skills!

Hey, want a nifty way to get your kids building their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination while learning a new skill? Than yarn crafts are for you! Yes, yarn crafts! They’re relatively easy to learn and provide hours of focused, creative, self-sufficient fun. Try one of our handy tutorials below for knitting and be sure to check out some great kid-friendly yarn craft kits before heading off with your kiddos to create your own craft-tastic projects!

Finger knitting for all!

See, it’s easy enough for any age. And look at what you can create:


Check out this fast, fun hobby on Starting Chain!

Arm knitting is awesome!

So cool! And a crafty person over on Starting Chain created this gorgeous scarf in one hour!


Want to get going on your own yarn masterpiece? Starting Chain has you covered. Try it now!

Craft-tastic Kits for Your Kids

Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Knitting Kit


This award winning Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Knitting Kit from Alex® comes with all you need to make lots of fun knitting projects to keep fingers busy and develop concentration.

Craft-tastic™ Pom Pom Kit


Make lots of cool pom poms all at once with the Craft-tastic™ Pom Pom Kit. Adjustable so you can create pom poms in many sizes from tiny to pillow-sized. Pom pom scarves, crafts, colorful trim–the possibilities are endless!

My First Loom


Little weavers make shuttles go zip and zoom as they learn the fun and fascinating craft of weaving and make their very own design with My First Loom by Hape.

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