X-Factor Contestant with Asperger’s Sings His Heart Out in this Stunning Music Video!

Have you heard before that people on the autism spectrum have trouble expressing their feelings? We bet you have, because it’s a common belief. But it’s not entirely true, at least not for everybody. (Just a little reminder that everybody is different, even people with ASD!)

When people try tell you that Aspergians can’t articulate their feelings, you tell them about Scott James. This man can sing a song that will make your heart and soul feel like they’re entirely enmeshed with his. And that’s all the proof we need that he knows how to show people what he feels.

After blowing away audiences on Britain’s X-Factor show, Scott went into the studio to record this rousing ballad. The amazing music video will touch you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

This one is definitely worth a look. It’s our new favorite song!

“Tell me you believe in me/Let me know that I’m okay/Help me feel safe in the world/And I will find my way.”

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