Mother and Son Ganged Up on His Pregnant Wife Who May Give Birth to Another Epileptic Child

One of the most common neurological disorders is epilepsy, according to the World Health Organization.

It is a non-communicable disease, but it can afflict people of all ages. Currently, over 50 million people around the globe suffer from epilepsy and 80% of them live in middle- and low-income countries. It is a sad fact because if given proper diagnosis and treatment, 70% of people with epilepsy could live seizure-free lives. But many afflicted people have no access to these medical services, as a result their risk of dying from this disorder is three times higher than the general population.

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Original Poster is a pregnant woman who has a six-year-old daughter with epilepsy. Posting her story under the username u/toaster_inthebathtub on Reddit’s r/AmItheA–hole forum, she shared the following heart-breaking details, “My (32F) husband of 7 years (32M) and I are pregnant. We have one previous child, Anne (6F, fake name) who has epilepsy. She has had 1 seizure before (relevant later in the story). To be honest, my MIL is horrible. She gives backhanded compliments, insults me and my looks and always tries to set my husband up with other people. The last time we went to her place she said she could make my husband a tinder account, or set him up with some girl who is the daughter of MILs best friend. My husband has told her to stop, but doesn’t do anything else.”

OP was scheduled to attend a baby shower, and she requested her husband not to invite his mom as much as possible. He himself said that he could not attend due to some work. And so, OP would like to have a baby shower that would not be ruined by her MIL’s sharp tongue.

However, her husband refused and told OP that she should be grateful that she was holding a baby shower at all to which his mom must be present since OP didn’t want her in the delivery room when she gives birth.

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OP related in her post what happened next, “At the baby shower, I was telling everyone how our baby was once again a girl. My MIL then decided to say, ‘Wow another girl! Let’s hope she’s not like her sister’. I asked what she meant by that and she said, ‘we don’t need any other diseases in the family. Imagine seeing a new-born baby drop to the floor and shake everywhere. It’s embarrassing’. At first I was honestly confused as she clearly had 0 idea what she was talking about. But then the pregnancy hormones really kicked in and I started crying hysterically. I left my friends house and my mother drove me home.”

And yet, she felt pain stabbed her for the second time upon coming home. Her husband, instead of consoling her, asked where were all the gifts and that she should brought them home since baby stuff were expensive. OP went to their bedroom and locked herself.

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But peace evaded her as OP continue to write, “About 10 mins later he tells me he got a text from his mother explaining what happened. He told me that I ’caused a scene’ and ‘should be happy I got to meet up with some friends today’. I tried explaining how wrong what she said was and how she insulted our daughter and UNBORN baby. He said ‘well Anne’s epilepsy medication isn’t cheap so I see why she said what she said. You just interpreted it wrong. Apologise to my mother.’ I packed a bag and called my mother to pick me up. I’m currently at her place and she’s picking Anne up from school.”

After leaving their home, OP had been receiving calls from her husband and his family who accused her of being a drama queen. But OP still tried to have a talk with her husband and showed the thousands of reactions to her post, yet it just angered him more than wake him up.

OP became determined to get a divorce and took all the money from their joint account for her two kids. But, the heartache was not over because her father-in-law finally revealed something to her. Her husband is having an affair with a woman named Melissa, who’s always been favored by her MIL. Her FIL profusely apologized again, and OP said her final goodbye.

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Yes, it hurt so much at first. BUt OP told the AITA community how much she appreciates their kind words and support. Even though they’re strangers and don’t really know her, OP could feel that their concern for her and her kids is more genuine than anything she had felt from her cheating husband and wicked MIL.

Here are several of those AITA reactions that helped strengthen OP’s spirit:

One of her fellow Reddit users wrote, “You are in an abusive relationship and you need to get the hell out of it immediately before it does irreparable damage to your children. NTA. (With the following recent edit: OP, I am so f-cking proud of you. I’m sorry that all of this happened to begin with, but I’m beyond relieved to see that you took steps to protect yourself and leave. I came back here to make sure you were alive and safe, and I’m literally tearing up at your update. Wishing you and your babies a future full of peace and love. ❤️)

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This was another heartwarming comment, “Omg babeeeeeeee you are NTA! Keep those TOXIC PEOPLE away from your precious babies. Hasnt your husband ever realized he should leave his father and mother to be joined to HIS WIFE? His mom is horrible and you deserve SO much better. Including your 6 year old, I pray God brings her and you healing. I cannot believe them. DISGUSTING, they are both complete AH. Especially your hubby. Im sick to my tummy knowing you live like this smh you deserve so much better.”

Another Redditor aptly remarked, “How awful. As a fellow epileptic, I am grateful to have had a family that supported me. OP, you and your daughters deserve love and respect not abuse and insults. She is not a burden, she’s a human being entitled to a loving family. You don’t need people like MIL in your life. And I think you need a long serious talk with husband too.”

Meanwhile, this person could not help expressing these feelings, “I am shell shocked. What did I just read. This is beyond AH territory. Your MIL and husband are abusive. Leave and never go back. N T A.”

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