This Program Could Make Airplane Travel a Breeze for Those on the Spectrum

For many people, flying on an airplane can be pretty stressful. There’s the stress of waiting in lines, wading through crowds, going through security, finding the right gate, and boarding the airplane on time.

Though it’s not exactly fun for many people, it can be utterly overwhelming for those who are on the autism spectrum.

For that reason, families with a child on the spectrum don’t always get to travel. They may not even travel at all due to the stress it can put on their child. Thanks to Wings for Autism, a program instituted by Alaska Airlines, that may change.


The Wings for Autism program gives autism families a chance to practice what it’s like to travel via airplane with a child on the spectrum. That way, the child gets used to the rhythm of airplane travel, and parents can come to expect any potential issues their children might have with flying—and as a result, they will be better equipped to mitigate those issues or help their child cope in the future

In an event like this where families can go through the motions of traveling via airplane—from check-in to landing—they and their child will get familiar with what it’s like to travel by plane.


Alaska Airlines believes this will not only benefit families with a child on the autism spectrum, but it will also familiarize their staff as to what kinds of symptoms they should look out for with a child on the spectrum.

Learn more about this awesome program in the video below!

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