Young Woman Shares The Perks of Having Autism And Why She Loves Being An Aspie!

It’s always easy to focus on the negatives of any situation. When it comes to Asperger’s Syndrome, like everything else, we often forget about the positive aspects of being an “Aspie,” as YouTube user TheAnMish calls people with this disorder.

However, there are a lot of positive aspects to having a brain that works a little bit differently, not the least of which is the ability to hyper-focus on a particular issue and solve it faster and in a different way than a neurotypical brain would have been able to do.

Although the perks to having Asperger’s certainly can also be pitfalls in certain situations, it’s awesome that people who think so differently from one another can coexist together and bring different perspectives, talents, and traits to any situation. We’re all in this together!

Watch this insider perspective on why this Aspie appreciates the gifts Asperger’s has given her. It’s made her who she is today! And you may be surprised by just how cool some of the perks of having Asperger’s are!

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