When Words Fail, Autism Sings!

When our son Reid was diagnosed with autism at around age three, we were offered very little hope that he would ever make any significant progress in his development. His communication skills were minimal, his motor skills were delayed, and his behaviors were extremely violent. The only recommendation given to us was to institutionalize him.
As that was not an option for our family, what followed was years of trial and error, faith and perseverance, and a stubborn adherance to any little shred of hope we could muster. Since Reid was diagnosed at a time when there were few options and services available for parents, this was not always easy. Slowly and with a great deal of hard work, Reid has made tremendous progress throughout the years. Now at 26 years of age, it is hard to believe that this is the same little boy that was once given such a grim prognosis.

About four years ago, we discovered quite by accident that Reid has a natural talent for singing. Over the last three years he has performed with Pyramid Inc., an organization that provides services for developmentally disabled adults in the performing and visual arts. He has sung in venues throughout the state of Florida and in many local community events.
Reid is now living his dream of being an entertainer and is using his talents to help educate the public that having a disability does not mean having a lack of ability. We believe that everyone has gifts and talents that can be shared.

Reid has gained a number of supporters who have started a fan club for him on Facebook. He also has numerous videos on youtube. He is doing his part to spread autism awareness. When words fail, autism sings!

Jo Soria
Fort Walton Beach, FL

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