“When God Created The Autistic Child” Is a Moving Story with a Powerful Reminder

If you have been involved with the autism community for any length of time, you may be familiar with the idea that people on the spectrum are “different, not less.” I love that saying. While autism certainly comes with its own unique challenges, it also comes with incredible gifts.

I’m not just talking about savantism, either. The seemingly simple fact that people with autism see the world differently, for example, is a boon to humankind. Where would we be without diverse perspectives and different minds? Probably not as far as we are now. At the very least, the world sure would be boring!

If you agree with me, you will probably love “When God Created the Autistic Child”—regardless of whether or not you believe in a higher power.

Made by Arinka Linders, a woman on the spectrum, it tells the “creation story” of people with autism. And it’s beautiful.

There’s just one thing I DON’T like about this video, and that’s that Linders uses the pronoun, “It” to refer to people on the spectrum. (Gah! People with autism are not “it”—they are “they!”) But if you overlook that issue (and I highly recommend that you do), you’ll find that this video is beautifully validating for people on the spectrum. They are not broken—just different! And different can be a good thing.

Check it out!

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