Take a Listen to What “Background Noise” Sounds Like for Many on the Spectrum

For those of us who have neurotypical brains, background noise is often just that: in the background. Unless it’s really loud or disruptive, we can pretty easily tune it out and focus on whatever it is that demands our attention—from a conversation we’re having to a book we’re trying to read.

But for those who have autistic brains, that is an entirely different story. There is no background noise; everything demands their attention.

From the ring of the cash register to the car whizzing by outside to even rain drops pattering on the street, these are the sounds that compete with what a person with autism is trying to focus on. No matter what it is they hear it all at the same volume.

As they try to cope with the sounds and visuals the world brings them, understand that it’s not easy but they are trying the best they can.

For just an inkling of what life in this kind of scenario might be like, give the video below a listen. Of course, not everyone with autism experiences the world in this way, but it at least offers a glimpse into what the world is like for some.

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