This Short Film About Autism Needs to Be Screened in Schools Everywhere

Autism can be a difficult condition for some people to accept, particularly if they don’t understand it. Try to imagine being the peer of a child diagnosed with autism. Confused and unfamiliar with behaviors associated with autism, some of those peers may develop a negative perspective of the child.

That’s why fostering autism awareness among everyone—adults, teens, and children—is so important. A little bit of education and understanding can go a long way in helping neurotypical individuals learn to better accept their peers on the spectrum who are different, not less.

That’s where this film steps in to help children understand their peers on the autism spectrum, and how they can better accept and relate to them. It dispels a few myths and speaks to the fears some children may have of autism (for example: autism is not contagious). It’s definitely a must-watch for any child who needs to—or wants to—better understand autism.

Check it out!

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