Remember This Sensory Overload Video? A New Version Came Out, and It’s Terrifyingly Awesome!

Sensory overload is a phenomenon that many don’t understand—particularly those who have not been touched by autism in some way. So the National Autistic Society in the UK has worked to change that.

During 2016’s Autism Awareness Month, this organization published a powerful video that gave viewers an idea of what sensory overload looks and feels like for those with autism.

Now they’re back with a virtual reality video, making the experience even more intense and realistic.

Using the arrows at the top left corner, you can pan around the scene to look around and experience what someone with autism might feel when going into sensory overload.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

And be sure to watch the original video here.

(Fair warning: if you are prone to seizures or motion sickness, you may want to proceed at your own risk or avoid watching this video altogether.)

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