Do You Know What Vision Therapy Is, And How It Could Help Your ASD Child?

Have you heard of vision therapy? When I first stumbled across it, I thought it had to do with poor vision. But actually, it’s about making vision the patient’s dominant sense.

Why is that important for children and adults on the spectrum? Many people with autism struggle with integrating all of their senses at the same time, which can make them extra-sensitive to over-stimulation. Making vision their dominant sense helps alleviate that overload.

The video below focuses on Ryan, a boy on the spectrum, who goes through vision therapy. Throughout the five-minute segment, you can see the kinds of things he does through this type of therapy. Like walking while wearing these neato glasses!


…And playing with this ball on a string.


You can also see the incredible progress he makes from the initial examination to the exit examination.

Of course, vision therapy might not work for everyone; there is no such thing as a one-size, fits all therapy for autism. But for some, such as Ryan, it can be very beneficial.

Learn more about vision therapy and how it can help people on the spectrum in the video below!

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