Do Vaccines Cause Autism? This Boy’s Folder Gives Us the Answer

Do vaccines cause autism?

Evidence from study after study after study after study gives us a clear answer: no. The only study that found a link has been retracted and discredited for several reasons (including deliberately falsified data), and the lead author, Andrew Wakefield, has since lost his medical license.

Even so, the debate rages with red-hot intensity, with some parents still declining vaccines for their children due to fears of autism. For this reason, society is witnessing the comeback of deadly diseases, things like measles that were close to being eradicated at one time.

This not only harms the under-vaccinated children but also those who cannot be vaccinated, like the immunocompromised, as well as those who are too young to have received their full vaccine schedule.

Knowing how the decision not to vaccinate can hurt people, one 12-year-old boy from Mexico decided to make a stand with an incredibly clever video.

Check it out—you’ll see why it has gone viral!

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