Once Nonverbal, This Talkative Teen with Autism Is Now the VA’s Favorite Volunteer

Aidan Knaus is likely the most popular volunteer at the St. Cloud VA health center in Minnesotta, but not because of his age, because of his heart.

Aidan was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. His mother had difficulties getting Aidan to talk, going so far as to teach him sign language as a kid.

But now that he is older, his talkative nature is his best quality. Aidan escorts wheelchair bound veterans around the hospital and to the chapel, where he gets to know them and makes them comfortable.

And he loves the work, logging over 160 volunteer hours in the past two months. 

You have to see this kid in action!

For a child with an autism spectrum disorder, successfully communicating with others – something most of us take for granted – can be a major challenge.

You can help provide speech therapy to a child with autism from a low-income family through National Autism Association’s Helping Hands grant program.

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