Truly Blessed to have Brandon in our Lives

Our son, Brandon was diagnosed with Aspergers at age four. We started noticing something was wrong at around age two. He hardly spoke, didn’t like affection, had bad tantrums, and hated crowds and loud noises. He couldn’t handle change. It was agonizing as a mother not to be able to comfort my child, then feeling guilty for all the times I got frustrated, not realizing he had no control over his actions. It was a very stressful time in our lives.

Brandon is eight now and is doing incredibly well. He is very outgoing and extremely smart, and loves to be the center of attention!

His current obsession is rocks and minerals. He knows every birthstone, the state rocks, and even the state minerals He even entered the school science fair. He took pictures of his rock and mineral collection and wrote about them. He won 1ST PLACE!!!! He was sooooooo excited! He wants to be a geologist when he grows up!

Brandon is the most gentle soul and he has the biggest heart! He cares about everything and everyone. We were at a pizza place eating once and there was only one person working there at the time. I noticed that Brandon looked sad, so I asked him what was wrong. He said “I’m worried about that man because he is working all by himself.” I thought that was the sweetest thing. He reminds me that we have to stop, look, and care with all our hearts and show we care at all times! I finally see the light and I know his future is bright and he will do great things. He will make a difference in this world and will teach everyone he meets to do the same. We are very proud of Brandon.

Round Rock, TX

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