Autism is a subject close to my heart simply because I myself have it. You wouldnt know because of early diagnosis and years of therapy though. I just recently graduated high school and one fond memory I have is the autism group we had. The other guys in the group looked up to me because I am well liked by my peers and because of my skills at talking with the ladies. I did my best while in the group to teach the guys what I have learned over the years, I can only hope they got something out of their time with me because I know they taught me a few things.
My parents gave up alot to make me the way I am today and I thank god everyday for their continuous support.
I feel blessed to have had such a unique experience as an autistic individual, when I was five the doctors referred to me as ‘severely’ autistic and now at 18 it’s not even a question.
I want to spend the rest of my life educating people about autism because I know first hand the general public doesn’t know enough about it.
I am a skilled writer and guitarist and my biggest dream is to write a book about my experiences with autism so that I can teach others with autism that it doesnt mean you have limitations, it means you have no limitations. It’s also my dream to share the stage with John Mayer & Brad Paisley but I’ll be realistic.
I’m gonna close by saying that ive met alot of different people in my time, but the nicest and most genuine are always autistic people. We arent biased and we accept you for who you are. We truly make the world go around.

Joshua Parks
Saco, ME

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