This Amazing Musical Genius Can Play A Song After Hearing It Only Once!

Tony Deblois came into this world weighing less than two pounds. He was born blind, and he was later diagnosed with autism.

But none of that has ever slowed Tony down.

He’s been playing the piano since he was two years old. He has a fierce love for Frank Sinatra, and this amazing musical savant graduated from Berkley College of Music, magna cum laude, with high honors — even though he can’t read or write. He can play a song after hearing it only once. Oh, and he can also play 23 instruments!

However, not every autistic person has savant abilities. Savantism among people with autism is actually quite rare. And of course, having savant abilities does not make a person more valuable than anyone else; everyone has value, regardless of where they are on the autism spectrum or what they can do. However, it certainly is wonderful to listen to Tony’s incredible abilities!

Watch the video to learn more about this extraordinary and talented young man!

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