You Won’t Want To Miss This Fun Frozen Parody From Tommy!

Tommy Des Brisay is a successful runner with autism from Ottawa. And he loves Disney.

To celebrate the success of his YouTube channel, his brother and his girlfriend helped him make this awesome parody of Olaf’s song, “In Summer,” from Disney’s Frozen.

In the original song, Olaf, a loveable snowman, dreams of summer, not realizing that snow and heat do not mix well.

In this version, Tommy dreams of being the “first fastest runner in the world.” But instead of being unaware of snow, it’s Usain Bolt that Tommy is pretending to be unaware of in this version.

His brother Paul, just like another Frozen character named Kristoff, almost tells Tommy during his grand finale, but decides to let him finish his solo.

Tommy’s story shows us that anything is possible with hope and support.

Listen to Tommy test out his chops in this hilarious and heart-melting Frozen parody!

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