If Your Child Doesn’t Speak 50 Words By This Age, He or She Is Considered A Late Talker

Learning to communicate, whether that means speaking or signing, is an important part of any child’s development. But how do you know your child is on the typical developmental track?

Well, it’s not unusual for a chatty, older sibling to speak for their younger sibling (that’s actually what happened between my older sister and me when we were little!). Typically, however, if your toddler doesn’t speak 50 words or more by the age of two, he or she is considered a late talker.

Dana is a busy mother of two girls and two twin boys. When her twins were still nonverbal after the age of two, she went to her pediatrician to see about getting them assessed for speech delay.

The results? Her son Crank passed the assessment, but Louie did not.

Here, Dana discusses the process Louie is going through, and tells you what she’s learned along the way.

Take a look!

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