Mom & Autistic Son Write Children’s Book To Inspire Families To Travel Together

Traveling and seeing the world is on a lot of people’s bucket lists. But what makes traveling even better is when you do it with family!

A mother and son duo from Baltimore, Maryland have been spending their free time writing and working hard. They’ve recently written their first book together in the hopes of inspiring families to travel together.

Dr. Tiffany Brown, and her five-year-old son Caleb, who has autism, love to travel. They have already visited 32 states, 28 countries, and six continents together. They hope their book will encourage others to explore the world as well.

They both believe that learning has no boundaries and can be done all over the world, despite obstacles that may get in the way.

Their latest book is titled “Dr. Brown Presents: It’s Time To Pack,” and follows a young kid “doctor” who is packing for a trip. The book is written to help children, particularly those with autism. It is very repetitive and written in a format that makes it easier for them to read and understand. The book was created to help children build on their language skills and expand their vocabulary. It also gives travel packing tips for children.

The duo plans on writing more works that follow the main character’s travels as he explores the world.

Their book is available on Amazon. They also have an Instagram, where you can follow along with their writing journey, as well as their travels. Dr. Brown posts pictures of her and her son from all over the world.

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