Josh Daniel’s X Factor Song Is So Emotional, Even Simon Can’t Help Crying!

Songs have the power to move us, to show us the depths of feelings that are not often conveyed in words alone. So many times, we watch competitors on shows like X Factor, American Idol, and the Voice, and find ourselves misty-eyed at the emotion of it all.

For some reason, it’s hard to watch these shows without taking on the sorrow and pride of the contestants. We’re really rooting for them! Whether it be a wedding proposal or a soldier’s incredible heartfelt reflection, talent competitions are amazing at bringing us tears of joy.

Take Josh Daniel: when he decided to audition in front of millions, he knew he was going to sing for a friend he had tragically lost. His X Factor performance is so emotional that even Simon started crying!

Watch the moving video below for your daily dose of cathartic tears!

Yes, I’m crying at my desk, too. What an incredible performance and touching story!

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