Brigette’s Bathroom Therapy Sessions May Seem Strange, But Check Out the Results!

Brigette is a beautiful five-year-old girl with autism. Just three years ago, she made no eye contact with anyone, would not babble, did not respond to her name, and wanted nothing to do with her parents or anyone else in her life. All she wanted to do was rock back and forth and shake an object up close in front of her eyes.

With time and therapy, Brigette has come so far! She’s singing and learning words through the songs, and her parents have faith that one day she will be able to communicate with them using spoken or written language.

Her condition may seem severe to you, but to her family, she is a lovely little girl who keeps improving little by little, day by day. She’s certainly had her fair share of obstacles to learning how to live in a world of neurotypical people, but she’s taking on the challenge like a champ!

In the video below, Brigette sings songs with her mother in their home’s bathroom, which is where she feels most comfortable having her therapy sessions. Check out her cute little voice for yourself!

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