This I Believe

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“I believe
That obstacles can be overcome.
I’ve had more obstacles than most children since I was a baby.
Was premature with head trauma,
Wasn’t breathing, had no heartbeat,
Was revived but was very weak,
Was struggling to survive but I had a strong will to live.
Knowing the difficulties I’d faced helped me as I grew,
Had to learn what most kids already knew,
Communication was difficult,
Mental flexibility had to be learned,
I have to work hard every day.
I have many obstacles,
But I deal with them.
Don’t give up on yourself.
No matter the challenge,
You can overcome it.
This, I believe.”

My son received an A+ for this poem. His teacher was thrilled at his eloquence, since Sam has a lot of difficulty putting his feelings into words. Every day I grow more proud of my son… he is stronger (and has to be) than most with what he has to work through in order to function within the mainstreamed classroom. – Kristen Eshleman, Gaithersburg, MD

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