The Therapeutic Power of Music Knows No Boundaries

Music gives children with autism, who may have difficulties communicating, the ability to express their thoughts and feelings in a much deeper way than with mere words. It can help with mood and behavioral issues and also help those around them see and understand the communication the person with autism has been trying to get across for years, easing the tension on both sides of the relationship.

One child on the spectrum, Kenney, has taken huge strides with the help of his music teacher. Rather than letting ASD define him, Kenney has overcome his previous problems with his motor skills to become a proficient violinist.

Kenney’s family knew he was going to have obstacles, but they didn’t want anyone to set his boundaries for him; he would have to set them himself. So Kenney’s teacher, who refused to believe that his issues with fine motor skills could possibly stop him from becoming a talented musician, was a perfect fit for them.

When Kenney had his first recital, he suddenly became Kenney the musician instead of just Kenney who has autism. This child never gives up, and we couldn’t be more proud of him!

See his story in the video.

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