Meltdowns Are All Too Real for Autism Families. But Joey’s Parents Handle Them Like Pros

Autism has its ups and, unfortunately, its downs. However, many families living with autism have learned how to deal with the challenges that come with autism in a productive, calm, and safe way.

Discovery Health gets a look into Joey’s life as his mother (Carol) and his father handle one of the young man’s outbursts.

Watch as, in a matter of seconds, Joey has a meltdown—a common experience of autism that is very painful and difficult for both people on the spectrum and their caretakers. But like clockwork and without batting an eye, his parents step right in to calm him down. Just watch how they keep their cool—wow!

From breathing exercises to deep pressure to a glass of water, they have several strategies to help him recover from his heightened state.

Carol wants other parents to know that this is what autism entails and to accept what comes with it. Autism brings its challenges, but it also has its breakthroughs.

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