Don’t Forget This Vital Skill In Your Drive to Get Your Child to Speak

Parents eagerly wait for the day when they can hear their child’s speaking voice for the first time. Children on the spectrum may never be able to speak — which can be difficult for parents to come to terms with.

However, parents must also realize that an inability to speak does not equal an inability to communicate, and that providing your child with a method of communication — even while they are engaged in speech therapy — is vital.

Watch as Autism Live describes the importance of functional communication — a child making a sound, gesture, or learning how to point to an icon to communicate, which may hopefully lead to speech. But even if it doesn’t, that’s okay because they’ll still have a way to communicate through alternative methods. And alternative methods are no less valid than spoken language.

Using alternative methods of functional communication is powerful and can give your child the voice they need to advocate for themselves.

Want to learn more about alternative methods of communication? Learn about AAC here!

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