How to Let Your Child Make Decisions When They Aren’t Using Words

Just because your child isn’t using words doesn’t mean they don’t have an opinion. And just because they don’t use words also doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to participate in the decisions that make up their lives.

Jessica Zawacki talks about how certain places and situations can affect the behavior and mood of people with autism. Even though these children can’t communicate like others, they still have the right to make their decisions as to what makes them happy.

Neurotypical children are often given more choices than children with autism. Sometimes these choices (or lack thereof) are small things in their day-to-day lives. Other time, the decisions are bigger ones, like what the person in question should do for a job and how much or what type of education they should be receiving. Parents and educators often look more at the skills a person with autism has than they do at what the person likes when determining what they should do with their lives.

Jessica believes that even nonverbal children can get involved in the discussion simply by the facial expressions and body language they demonstrate during certain activities.

Watch as Jessica explains how you can incorporate your kids into the decisions you make as a family. Let’s remember that children are still unique individuals who deserve to be heard. It’s time to raise awareness for the happiness of children on the spectrum!

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