“I’m Scared That I’m Going to Die Before Liam Can Live Independently:” This Dad’s Account Is So Raw

In the popular SoulPancake YouTube channel series “The Fatherhood Project,” filmmaker Corbyn Tyson explores what it means to be a good dad today.

And there are lots of words of wisdom in here!

This poignant episode features Matt Oakes, whose four-year-old son Liam was recently diagnosed with autism and verbal apraxia (so in other words, that basically means he’s nonverbal/non-speaking).

Matt talks about what fatherhood means for a son with autism, and about the humility and self-forgiveness he’s learned since Liam’s diagnosis.

He also talks about his fears: “I’m scared that I’m going to die before Liam can live an independent life.” (Let’s be honest: isn’t that something many, if not most autism parents worry about at some point?)

This is a raw, honest look at the everyday heroism of those affected by autism. You’ll want to share it with others in your community.

Check it out!

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