The Best Kind Of Bike Ride Is One You Thought Would Never Happen

After being told that their son, Michael, who is on the autism spectrum, would never be able to ride a bike, his parents never stopped believing in him.

They continued to encourage him to do whatever he wanted to do, and they searched for a different doctor who would understand their son’s disorder better than the last one.

Eventually, they found a new doctor who actually listened and provided Michael’s parents with real solutions.

After just six visits with his new doctor, Michael decided it was time to figure out how to ride a bike, even though his old doctor said he’d never be able to do it, just like he’d never be able to do many of the things kids his age could do.

Today, he proves everyone wrong by riding his bike proudly down his street. And he’s opening doors to a bunch of other activities he’ll one day be a part of because he, his parents, and his doctor didn’t give up.

You go, Michael! Watch the inspiring video now.

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