Jo Frost Explains How to Balance Family Needs When One Member Has Special Needs

When you have a child on the spectrum as well as other children who are neurotypical, life can become somewhat of a balancing act. Those on the spectrum, especially those with more significant challenges in terms of living independently and completing day-to-day life skills, may need significant amounts of attention from parents or caretakers. That can leave the child’s siblings feeling ignored or shoved over to the side.

That’s exactly what one family struggles with: they have four children, the oldest of whom is autistic and faces significant challenges that require a lot of attention. When you’re in that situation, how do you balanced the needs of your whole family?

Jo Frost from TLC’s Family S.O.S. takes time out to answer this question. Whether you’re in this exact situation or not, Jo has some valid advice about balancing family needs that can help us all!

Focusing on a consistent routine, not only for your child on the spectrum, but for the whole family, will give everyone in the household a better understanding of how you can all work together. A family that plays, works, and helps each other stays together!

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