This Award-Winning Artist with Autism Has Inspired Thousands — And Now There’s a Book About Him

Sixteen-year-old Kevin Hosseni is an artist with autism using his tremendous talent to raise awareness. He’s already won several awards, and has had his work exhibited all the way from Washington D.C. to the Ukraine.

Kevin’s mother has even written a book about his art and often receives emails from other artists on the spectrum who have been inspired by his work and want to show their own work.

Now the book version of “The Art of Autism” has been combined with a theatrical version where people on the spectrum can have a platform can try out this type of artistic presentation and add to their artistic portfolios.

Thank you, Kevin, for inspiring other people to use their artistic talents to learn in a way that traditional styles of education simply can’t accomplish!

Keep your eye on this young man…his creativity and vision are poised to take the art world by storm!

Check out the video below to see Kevin’s art and learn more about how it has evolved into something that has changed hundreds of lives!

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