This Boy With Autism Was The First Person To Catch A Textbook Mistake

Being a teen on the spectrum is tough. But it’s made easier when those around recognize your gifts. Logan Tharp is 15 years old and lives in Texas. He was diagnosed with autism and didn’t start speaking until he was five. But he has now found his calling in math. His mother reported that, when Logan was home-schooled, he used to do the problems in his brother’s math book for fun! Recently, his skills in math have gotten him some attention. Logan turned the heads of his teachers when he spotted an error in his own math book at school…

The textbook Logan Tharp corrected / Via CBS Dallas/Fort Worth

Logan spotted the error in a geometry textbook. He thought something was strange when he was having trouble solving a problem. He told CBS News, “The answer seemed wrong, I guess.” Logan took the problem to his teacher seeking some sort of explanation. He got one: the textbook was wrong. Apparently, the writers forgot a step when they were calculating their answer. Logan and his teacher contacted the textbook publisher and got a letter back, thanking Logan for catching the error for them. The publisher is now reprinting the textbook across all of Texas and sending Logan’s school new copies, free of charge!

Logan’s teacher has framed the letter from the publisher. Logan’s principle is also awarding Logan with a certificate of accomplishment for his good deed. Life on the spectrum can be tough, but people will notice your gifts. With Logan receiving so much recognition for his find, his mother has a response too: she’s extremely proud of her boy!

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