Temple Grandin Talks About the Powerful HBO Movie Based On Her Life

To Temple Grandin, life is about being what you want to be and pushing yourself to the limits. She defines herself as a scientist, author, artist, and professor before she defines herself as autistic. She never wanted her autism to define her; she wanted her interests and profession to shine through—and shine they did!

A professor and scientist for 20 years, Temple Grandin has been devotedly researching and teaching students in Colorado about livestock handling and cattle behavior. Despite her Asperger’s Syndrome, she’s proven she can revolutionize animal handling and overcome the many obstacles she’s faced in her life.

Once a troubled child with autism, Temple’s transformation into an innovative scientist has inspired an HBO film based on her life starring actress Claire Danes. Watch as Grandin speaks highly of the film and how Claire did a great job turning into Temple in the 60s and 70s.

Temple wanted the film to convey the important message that people on the spectrum can do things, and we need to push them to achieve their potential like she had! Check it out!

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