You’ve Got to See the Incredible Drawings of This Autistic Teen!

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Zach Becenti has an extraordinary talent for drawing. He’s also on the spectrum, and up until a few years ago, he was reluctant to interact with people.

Then his teachers noticed that amazing drawings of John K. Kennedy were popping up all over the school — and Zach’s talent was discovered.

Once other students and teachers recognized his gift, Zach opened up more. “His artwork was one of the tools that helped us open up this wall he was enclosed in,” said his art teacher, Linda Richards.

Their compliments and attention even encouraged him to get more detailed with his drawings.

He began with portraits, and is now working on concept art. As of 2014, his latest work was drawing disasters as though they never happened.

Zach graduated from high school in June of 2014, and at the time, he planned to study art in college.

Watch the video below to learn more about this extraordinary teenager!

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