Autistic Teen Runs Bin-Cleaning Business

Clay Lewis is a 16-year-old business owner with three employees and 70 regular clients. In the single year that he’s been in business, he’s earned over $6,000.

How many teenagers can say that?

Diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Clay began searching for an after-school job as a teen at the urging of his mother, Laura Lewis.

Photo: Facebook/Clay Needs No Moulding

Laura thought it was important that Clay learn valuable “life lessons” and cultivate his work ethic through a part-time job. However, it proved to be a challenging goal.

Laura worried about his communication skills during interviews. And when a trial run with a fish and chip shop didn’t work out, the Lewises decided to take a different approach.

Photo: Facebook/Clay Needs No Moulding

After struggling to find a part-time job, Clay created his own! On January 1st, 2018, Clay offered his surrounding neighbors a free garbage bin cleaning. He did so well with it that Laura ended up creating a Facebook page for him and began booking cleanings for him.

Photo: Facebook/Clay Needs No Moulding

In the year since he’s been open, he’s gotten rave reviews from his clients, and business is booming. Called Clay Needs No Moulding, his business operates around his home in Redland, southeast Brisbane, Australia.

Photo: Facebook/Clay Needs No Moulding

At the beginning, he struggled to not gag as he cleaned — especially when spying maggots — but he’s come a long way since then.

Photo: Facebook/Clay Needs No Moulding

He charges $10 per bin, and $5 for each bin after that. He even cleans kitchen bins!

Way to go, Clay!

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