Mom’s Outraged After Teacher Cut Her Autistic Son’s Hair Without Her Permission

A Lawrence, Indiana mom is not happy with her son’s school after a teacher cut his hair without asking her permission.

Nikki Battle said a gym teacher at Lawrence Central High School cut her 17-year-old son Jonathan Battle-Hayum’s hair, along with his eyebrows and facial hair, leaving bald spots and nicks.

Jonathan had been growing out his hair for quite some time so that he could get it braided, and Battle says it will now take months to grow back.

Photo: YouTube/WISH-TV

“It was an afro. It was a big, ol’ beautiful afro. His hair was fine. There was nothing wrong with his hair,” Battle said.

Battle says her son has autism and students have been picking on him because of his hair and bullying him at school. An instance happened last week when a student shoved her son, and Jonathan grabbed the student to defend himself.

Photo: YouTube/WISH-TV

When Battle went to pick him up from school, she discovered that his hair had been shaved. Jonathan said it was ok for the teacher to cut his hair, but Battle says it’s because her son would never argue with an adult, and she is still upset over the matter.

“I feel disrespected,” she said. “I feel left out that you did something without consulting a parent. That’s not your kid.

Photo: YouTube/WISH-TV

The school district issued a statement regarding the situation:

“The MSD of Lawrence Township and Lawrence Central High School take the allegations made extremely seriously and immediately investigated upon notification. It is not uncommon for school personnel to go above and beyond to meet the needs of students outside of the classroom. The staff member in question acted with the best intentions to support the student.”

Despite the district saying the teacher was just trying to do a good deed, Battle doesn’t believe it was. She says her son doesn’t want to go back to school and now prefers to finish the rest of the school year virtually.

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