Teacher Drags Autistic Boy Off Playscape

Alarming security footage revealed that a 4-year-old autistic boy was roughly dragged off of a playscape by his teacher during school. The incident occurred at Hartman Elementary in Wylie, Texas, in mid-October. The boy’s mom, Lanetta Moore, was in tears after finding out what happened to her son.

Jonathan has autism, and struggles with communicating verbally. He relies on hand gestures to communicate his needs. If he needs something, “he’ll point you to it or pull you towards it,” Moore said.

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Originally, Moore was told only that her son had misbehaved on the playground.

“The day of the incident the teacher had sent me a note home. The note had basically said that Jonathan had ran away from her on the playground. That was it,” Moore said.

Another teacher informed the school what they had witnessed, and that’s how Moore found out there was more to the story.

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The footage, shown below, shows exactly what happened over the course of two minutes.

Apparently, the teacher first tried to “lure” him, crouching down next to him. But almost immediately, she drags him away from the playscape by his feet.

After a couple minutes — shown briefly during Moore’s interview at the bottom of the page — the teacher picks up Jonathan again, and drags him a couple feet before he collapses to the ground. Again, she lifts him up and drags him.

It’s heartbreaking, and infuriating.

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There are other staff members on the playground, some right next to Jonathan and the teacher. But no one leapt into action or tried in any way to help defend the helpless little boy.

“I think that’s the biggest setback to me as a parent. You see this happen as an adult, nobody stepped in to say, ‘Hey don’t do this. You’re hurting him,’” Moore said.

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She is also concerned that this has happened before, and could happen again to someone else’s child.

Jonathan has scratches and marks on his body from the abuse, and Lanetta has pulled him from the school.

Photo: NBC DFW

The teacher has resigned and is no longer employed with the school district.

A statement from the district read in part: “The district does no condone discipline or physical contact that may result in injury to a child.” The school district also stated that it notified the Wylie police, CPS, and the TEA (Texas Education Agency), and has also been in communication with the family. They addressed concerns about the nearby teachers’ lack of action by emphasizing that all teachers that work with children with disabilities are given training annually.

Learn more in the video below.

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