Autistic Man Donates His Vacation Savings To A Hurricane Victim

Michell Girard is a teacher who had a student by the name of Chris Barrington in her class. He is now a 31-year-old autistic man, although he has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old. Girard took her former student in after he was found by Coryell County deputies wandering the streets alone a year ago. He was only able to think of his former teacher’s name, and now he has given his vacation savings to help a victim of hurricane Laura in Louisiana.

Barrington provided the money from his piggy bank to Jimmy Bennett. Bennett is the founder of JMB Fishing Foundation, an organization that helps people in need. After Barrington saw a video of Jimmy online asking for help in building a home in Sulphur, Louisiana, he decided to help.

“The young man who had nothing must have remembered what it was like to have nothing,” Bennett said according to KWTX.

He went on to say that Chris gave everything to a stranger who lost everything. Jimmy made the video on Friday from the home in Louisiana. That home belongs to Donald Guidry and it was destroyed in the hurricane.

Jimmy and Chris did not know Guidry before that time, but Chris was familiar with Jimmy because he was helped by the foundation in the past. The foundation helped to throw his birthday party last year, and it was the first party he ever had in his life.

Jimmy made the post on Friday and then headed to Waco for another event. That event was “Cookies for Ceagan,” something that was taking place for a five-year-old girl who is battling a rare form of cancer.

Chris was able to bring $25.35 to the event in a Ziploc bag. It also included writing on the outside, “To: Jimmy. For the man in Louisiana. Love, Chris.”

When Chris gave the donation money to Jimmy, Michelle was with him. In fact, she had been an important part of his life since deputies found him wandering along the highway last year. Chris’ mother had already passed away and his father had late-stage leukemia when he was found. His father died shortly after he was taken in by Michelle.

Although Chris didn’t have any relatives to call, he did remember the teacher that gave him special attention. When they contacted Michelle, she was asking what would happen to him. When they said that he would go to an institution, she simply said “not on my watch.”

Michelle is Chris’s legal guardian now. She is 60 years old and he refers to her affectionately as “Mimi”. When she asked him why he gave the money, he simply answered that it was to help Mr. Guidry.

She went on to ask where he got the money and he replied, “Our piggy banks.” He went on to say that it was to be used for vacation but he wanted to give it to Mr. Guidry because he needs a new house.

Michelle said that she was proud of him and told him how sweet it was. Jimmy is planning on delivering the donations to the man in Louisiana by means of his crew. Every penny of that donation will be used towards getting a new porch and roof for the house.

Jimmy is now on a new mission, that of making sure that Chris sees his dream of going to New York City come true.

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