Target’s New “Pillowfort” Line Is Gender-Neutral and Sensory-Friendly for the Modern Child

Target had been working hard lately to cater to children’s modern tastes and needs. More kids these days, for example, are crossing the borders between what’s been traditionally acceptable for boys or girls to play with. More kids are also being diagnosed with autism and related sensory disorders and sensitivities, meaning their parents need to have affordable options for clothing, bedding, and furniture that offer the appropriate sensory input without tags, scratchiness or other irritations.

With these needs in mind, Target has developed a line of kids’ furniture and home decor items that are gender-neutral and sensory-friendly for the truly modern child and his or her playmates, whatever their individual needs. The line, called Pillowfort, has everything you need (and more) to make your child’s bedroom, playroom, and the entire house into a sensory-soothing haven of imagination and fun.

Photo: Facebook/KTVA 11’s Daybreak and Facebook/Target Littles

The Pillowfort line offers a wide variety of home furnishings for littles, including bedding, pillows and blankets, furniture, storage options, unique lighting and wall art, curtains, rugs, bath accessories, and plastic dining sets (complete with sectioned plates for food separation). You can find bean bag chairs, a rocking desk chair, hideaway tents, funky shelving units, six-pound weighted blankets with removable and washable duvets, and more treasures in this fun collection.

Photo: Facebook/KTVA 11’s Daybreak

Parents will enjoy the collection as well. Items like the bean bag cocoon chair are not only soft and hug-like for a child, they’re also liquid-resistant and have removable covers for washing. In fact, pretty much everything in the line is easily washable and can withstand jumping and roughhousing.

Photo: Facebook/KTVA 11’s Daybreak

One of the best parts about the Pillowfort line is that it’s so affordable. The furniture pieces, like crash pads and floor cushions, start at around $20, and the more expensive pieces, like chairs and loungers, top out at $100.

Photo: Facebook/KTVA 11’s Daybreak

This collection comes on the heels of other creations Target has designed to be accessible to all people, including a line of sensory-friendly tag-free clothing with flat seams and a line of adaptive apparel for those in wheelchairs or who have difficulty dressing themselves. Target has also stopped labeling toys by gender so that kids are free to like what they like. And on top of all that, the retail giant proudly features differently abled models in its advertising.

Thank you, Target, for inventing a line of furniture and home decor that’s so inclusive of different types of children. Your Pillowfort creations look like they would make any kid feel safe and comfortable, and the fun and functional style of the items will make parents happy too.

Check out the video below to see more of the Pillowfort collection.

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