Feeling Lonely and Isolated? Here’s How You Can Connect to Other Autism Parents Who Understand

Parents of children with autism deeply love and value their children—no diagnosis or challenge will ever change that.

However, raising a child with ASD can be a challenging and often isolating job. Parents often say that others don’t understand unless they’ve been in the same situation. For that reason, they may feel lonely and may not know where to turn when they need help or support.

One great way to combat this isolation and loneliness is to connect with other parents of children on the spectrum—people who have been there and just get it.

Sometimes communities like this can be hard to find, however. That, or it may be difficult to coordinate schedules to meet in-person; therapy can take up a lot of time, and besides that, it can be hard for parents to find a babysitter who can watch their child while they participate in a support group.

Talk about Autism, a UK-based online community, aims to combat this issue by creating a worldwide network of parents, carers, family members, people on the spectrum, and professionals.

According to their website, Talk about Autism is “a safe and friendly place to share your story, get support and discuss how autism impacts on your life.”


In this video, Tracy Beadle, a mother of two boys on the autism spectrum, shares her parenting experience and describes the incredible support she’s found through online communities like Talk about Autism. Through this website, she has found help as well as real friends who have made all the difference in her life.

Check out this video to learn more about how helpful connecting with other parents can be. Remember—one of the most important ways you can care for your child is by caring for yourself!

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