How Playing in the Water Has Benefitted This Boy on the Spectrum

Working with a swimming instructor has helped Max, a five-year-old with autism, deal with his sensory processing disorder as well as other autism symptoms.

After Max was diagnosed with autism at two and a half years old, his mother continued to schedule his swim lessons after noticing that he enjoyed them and that it was a therapeutic way for him to relax, exercise his body and mind, and let out energy.

Listen as Max’s mom explains how specialized swim lessons have helped her son and his autism.

Though swimming like this can be therapeutic for some children on the spectrum, learning to swim in general can be an incredibly important skill to master for a whole different reason.


Many children with autism tend to wander, or “elope” from a place of safety. Frequently drawn to bodies of water, they are disproportionately at risk of drowning. Knowing how to swim can literally save their life.

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