6 Surprising Truths About Body Language

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Have you ever “just had a feeling” about someone, even before exchanging words? Your friends might think you’re crazy, but science would back you up. Amazingly, researchers have found that only 7% of human communication happens through words. The rest comes from non-verbal cues like eye contact, facial expressions and stance.

That means even if your mouth is saying one thing, the rest of your body could be saying something completely different! Read on to find out how to make sure you’re always sending the right messages — and understanding what’s going on around you!


Want to find out who’s freaking out and who’s cool as a cucumber? Take a look at their eyes. People typically blink six to eight times per minute, but under stress that rate increases dramatically. Additionally, rubbing, covering or closing your eyes for longer than a blink is your brain’s way of protecting itself from auditory or visual stimuli. It’s a survival mechanism to keep out anything undesirable or threatening.


Did you know certain parts of your face can display what psychologists call “microexpressions?” These subtle movements can reveal exactly how you’re feeling, even if you’re trying not to. The most telling are the muscles around your mouth. For example, even if you’re trying your hardest to conceal fear or anxiety in a stressful situation, if the muscles around your mouth are pulling back, it’s a signal that you’re unsettled.

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