Student With Autism Graduates From High School As Valedictorian

A high school student who was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum disorder just graduated with honors as the valedictorian.

According to KGET News, Luis Luna was going to high school and participating in the Wonderful Agricultural Career Prep Program.

Not only did he graduate at the top of his class, but did so with honors and as his graduating class’s valedictorian.

Photo: YouTube/KGET News

According to the news outlet, his graduation didn’t come without struggles. Luis revealed that some of his autism symptoms involve fidgeting and moving around his body parts, along with spending a lot of time in his own thoughts and imagination.

It made school more challenging for him than for others, but he didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his education and being at the top of his class.

Photo: flickr/Government of Prince Edward Island

He further explained that he doesn’t view autism as a disability, but as a special trait. Though it comes with many challenges, it also allows him to be who he is.

At his graduation from the Wasco High School, Luis gave a touching speech as part of his duties as being Valedictorian. In the speech, he said, “Remember, no matter how hard life may get for you, you can overcome those challenges and prevail no matter who you are or what you want to do in life.”

Photo: YouTube/KGET News

In an interview with KGET, Luis’s mother revealed that they didn’t know if Luis would ever be able to speak. She explained that when he was diagnosed with autism, some medical experts told her that he may never be able to speak. Giving the speech at his graduation truly proved how far he’d come.

Watch him give his speech in the video below:

You really can do anything you put your mind to, and people like Luis go to show just that.

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