Stranger Gifts Young Boy With Autism A Piano After Seeing Him Play On The News

11-year-old Jude Nyame Yie Kofie is like most young boys in a lot of ways, but he’s got an extraordinary talent.

As Denver7 reported in back in September, the young musician, who has autism, sat down at a keyboard one day and surprised his parents by playing as if he’d taken lessons for years.

Photo: Facebook/Denver7

Speaking with Denver7, Jude’s father said, “I was here watching the news when I heard him play something. So I grabbed my phone, went down there, and was like, ‘Dude, play that again.'”

For the next year, Jude played the keyboard and went on to be the lead keyboardist at his church. He gained some recognition on social media, and caught the eye of the local news.

After his story aired, it wasn’t long before he and his family got another surprise: a brand new piano.

On December 28, just 4 months after airing his story, Denver7 was back to share that a viewer was so inspired by his story that he went out and purchased a real piano for Jude!

The news station received a message from Bill Magnusson in Boulder County who said he wanted to speak with the family. He said, “[My] first reaction was, ‘This kid is Mozart level,’ and he deserves the very best.”

Bill ended up pulling money from his inheritance to buy Jude a grand piano. Jude had been playing on a keyboard up until this point, but Bill wanted to see him use a quality instrument that could grow alongside his talent.

In the end, Jude was gifted the expensive instrument and he even got to meet with Bill to personally thank him.

You can see more in the video below:

You can hear more of Jude’s music on his YouTube channel: JudekeyzOFFICIAL.

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