This List Breaks Down The Stages Of Breast Cancer And What They Mean

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An Overview

A breast cancer diagnosis can be all the more scarier when you don’t understand what exactly is happening in your body, and what the terminology means.

In the following list, we’ll explore the five stages of breast cancer: stage 0 to stage 4. Some stages have subcategories (like stage 2a or 2b) and some stages go by alternate names (stage 0 is also called pre-cancer and DCIS). The diagnosis is based on where the cancer began in the breast, and what other areas of the breast or body are also affected.

“Each stage represents a progression of the cancer,” the video states. “As the complexity of the cancer intensifies, so does the treatment required to fight it.”

Knowledge is power, and understanding the severity of your diagnosis can help determine the treatment choices that are best for you and your lifestyle.

Take a look at this first video to get a general overview of staging.

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Click NEXT to learn about stage 0, stage 1, & stage 2.

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