Wife Slammed by Redditors for Insensitivity to Young Son’s Emergency Need

This woman should be asking herself what kind of mother she is.

She shouldn’t be surprised, as well, that online commenters are slamming her for being a totally insensitive, irresponsible, and selfish person. Her three-year-old son needed her by his side when he experienced an emergency, but she said no to her husband when he called her up for help.

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Now, this woman is full of regrets — not for being a negligent mother, but over the Christmas holiday vacation that her husband canceled after failing to receive support from her and her two older children from a previous relationship.

And she even brought the subject up to members of Reddit’s popular r/AmItheA–hole forum, courting sympathy. What she got was a really hard, resounding slam, with some of the commenters telling her not to waste their time with edits!

Here is OP’s post under the username u/SquarePoint4234: “My husband and I have been together for 4 years. I have two kids (17m /19f). and their half-brother is 3 years old. This past week, my husband had an emergency (dad had a medical emergency) and wanted someone to watch our son. he asked my older son, and he refused because he was going out with friends. He also asked my daughter, but she locked herself in her room to study. I was at the restaurant with my brother meeting his girlfriend for the first time. My husband ended up taking our son with him to the hospital, and his mom watched him from there.”

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OP then complained in her post that her husband lashed out at all of them upon coming home. He called her and his teenage stepchildren selfish and unfeeling. OP tried to reason that her kids were busy, but it just made her husband angrier. She also tried to defend herself by saying that it was the first time she was meeting her brother’s girlfriend; that was why she couldn’t help her husband deal with their young son’s emergency situation.

But OP resented her husband’s response, as she wrote, “He yelled some more, then told us that he was canceling the family holiday trip for Christmas this year. The two older kids were upset and said it was unfair. I called him unreasonable for canceling the trip and punishing the kids (and possibly me) like that. He refused to discuss it later. Now the kids and I aren’t speaking to him, and he’s saying ‘good riddance.'”

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OP also added edits to her post to further defend herself, but Redditors just kept on lambasting her and her parenting style.

Alarming_Reply_6286 commented, “YTA. Let’s fix the title of your post: ‘My husband canceled our holiday trip because my kids & I are unreasonable & he just found out that we couldn’t care less about him or his family.’ ETA more — Seriously, OP stop adding edits!! You are so far away from being helpful to anyone, including yourself in this situation. Just stop. It appears you & your older kids will be getting consequences this year for Christmas.”

CurlsintheClouds also wrote, “It really does. Like…if I were the 17- or 16-year-old, I would have been EXPECTED to help out. Even the THOUGHT of saying no would never have crossed my mind. OP, YTA. And you’re raising your kids to be that way too.”

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Another comment from yet_another_sock says, “Honestly, I feel bad for the teens, even though they’re old enough to be accountable for themselves. But clearly, they’ve been raised by someone who is just… deeply weird, to put it mildly. That skewed concept of normal human behavior takes time and massive effort to deprogram, and they may not even realize they have to deprogram it until they’ve had a few romantic partners go ‘uhhhhhh what the hell,’ as OP’s is currently doing to her. Let’s hope all three take that lesson to heart, to keep the list of hurt, frustrated, mistreated exes as small as it can be.”

Meanwhile, brownie_eye shared these candid words, “The edit makes it worse. The update makes it unbearable. She really does think she is not in the wrong. Her children sound like they have never had chores, never had to babysit, etc…. It was an EMERGENCY. EDIT: Lady, apologize… you left your husband in a bad spot. A terrible spot.”

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