This Creative Mom Turns Kids with Special Needs into Superheroes!

Renee Bergeron has a very special son. Apollo was born with a rare heart condition, which has resulted in multiple heart surgeries, a G-Tube surgery, and several other minor surgeries, all since he was first diagnosed at 18 months. Renee first took pictures of her son as a way to give him confidence, and he loved the photo shoot (as well as the resulting photos) so much, that she opened up her photography business to include super hero portraits.

Renee has since worked with several special needs families, doing portraits free of charge. She had an interview with the Huffington Post recently, where she shared some of the incredible lessons she’s had the opportunity to learn while doing the Superhero Project. Go ahead, click through these amazing photos, soak up Renee’s wisdom!


I hope that people will learn the lesson I have: people, whatever their needs or differences, are all equally valuable. – Renee Bergeron

Image via Little Earthling Photography
Image via Little Earthling Photography

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